Grants and storytellers: A Marriage Made in heaven

Ogunbowale Olugbenga
2 min readApr 5, 2022


Check every single list of business leaders and NGO leaders who have won a grant and you will find one thing they all have in common: they are incredible storytellers.

Some of them are so good, they literally bring you to tears with their stories. And who can blame them? Funders are human beings too. They do not have a heart made of stone. What can you do about this? Upgrade your storytelling skills.

You may have heard me share the story of Nacklyn: “Nacklyn is a primary school owner who was hit hard by COVID lockdown. Her income dried up. She laid off staff, cut salaries by half and was weeks away from shutting down her primary school when She came across a Facebook Grant. Nacklyn’s financials were done on paper and very rough. We paired her with a top-rated grant writer and a professional accountant. She won the Grant. Nacklyn hired back staff, renovated her school and raised salaries”

Now, we have helped several clients win huge grants. One of our clients won $86,000 just 2 weeks ago. Why do I keep sharing Nacklyn’s story instead? Because it shows that Grant Master can help very small businesses attract grant funding too.

What is your story?

If you run a business or work in one, if you run an NGO or work in one, start collecting case studies. Start collecting stories of people whose lives have been transformed because they used your product or service. It’s those stories of impact that get funders excited enough to support your work with free money a.k.a grants.